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Eureka 2.0: Software and Open Science
27/08/19 Image

At this high-level seminar, Simon Hettrick, deputy director of the Software Sustainability Institute and co-director of Southampton Research Software Group, and David Osimo, director of research at the Lisbon Council, discussed the growing imp... Read more

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  • Big Data and Artificial Intelligence: The Road Ahead
    27/08/19 Image

    Researchers Giorgio Micheletti and Andrea Minonne of International Data Corporation, presented the new rese...... Read more

  • Opening Up Private Data for Public Interest
    21/08/19 Image

    Peter Bjørn Larsen, director of City Data Exchange; Giorgio Micheletti, consulting director of International ... Read more

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  • How the Power of Data Can Drive the European Union Economy
    21/08/19 Image

    This online seminar presented the latest findings of the European Union Data Market Study and the new European... Read more

  • How to Truly Value your Data: Exploring Data Monetization Practices in Europe
    21/08/19 Image

    Leveraging on recent research results and evidence gathered by the European Data Market Study project, this...... Read more

  • Open Source Hardware for Science and Beyond: The White Rabbit Project
    21/08/19 Image

    Javier Serrano, physicist, engineer, initiator and leader of the White Rabbit project, co-author of the CER...... Read more

  • Open Targets: Accelerating Drug Discoveries and Health Breakthroughs
    21/08/19 Image

    Dr Ian Dunham, Open Targets director, presented Open Targets, a large-scale public-private consortium between ... Read more

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