• Lykke Friis

    Minister, climate, energy and gender equality, Denmark

    Former lead of UNFCCC, Denmark launched an energy strategy making it first country in the world to commit to overall reduction in energy consumption.

  • Neal Bastik

    CEO, Blue H Technologies BV

    Blue H Technologies is a leading developer of deep water offshore wind farms around the world.

  • Stephan Hansen

    Managing Director, First Solar GmbH

    First Solar is the largest manufacturer of thin-film solar cells in the world. It focuses on creating cost-effective, renewable energy solutions.

  • Tom Barrett

    Director, European Investment Bank

    The EIB plans to lend some €10,2 billion for eco-innovation in 2010.

  • Liliana Chamudis-Varan

    Deputy Director, AIMPLAS – Technological Institute of Plastics

    AIMPLAS is a Centre for Innovation and Technology (CIT) located in Valencia, Spain.

  • Sandrine Dixon-Decleve

    Director, The Prince of Wales's EU Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change

    Based at Cambridge University, the CLG brings together business leaders from major UK, EU and international companies for tackling climate change.

  • Karl Falkenberg

    Director-General, DG Environment, European Commission

    The European Commission leads the European negotiating team at UN climate talks in Copenhagen.

  • Joachim Goldbeck

    Managing Director, GOLDBECK Solar

    Based in Germany, GOLDBECK Solar specialises in photovoltaic projects.

  • Wieland Koornstra

    CEO, GiraSolar

    GiraSolar is a Dutch-US solar company based in Deventer, Netherlands.

  • Benjamin Kott

    Green Business Operations Manager (EMEA), Google

    Google is a U.S.-based Internet search company, committed to greening its own operations and encouraging a low-carbon economy.

  • Marko Likon

    CEO, Technological, Environmental and Logistic Centre

    TEC Ltd is a Slovenia-based institute for technological, logistics and environmental R&D, specialising in new environmental technologies.

  • Antonia María Lorenzo López

    R&D Director and Co-Owner, BIOAZUL

    This Spain-based company specialises in innovation and consulting in water, energy and environmental protection.

  • Sandro Mainusch

    Director Finance and Business Development, TimberTower

    Based in Germany, TimberTower specialises in the development, manufacture, assembly and sale of timber towers and foundations for wind energy plants.

  • Hervé Martin

    Head of Unit, LIFE – Environment and Eco-Innovation, DG Environment, European Commission

    The European Commission’s Environmental Technologies Action Plan will make €433 million available for eco-innovation.

  • James McCallum

    CEO, Senergy

    Senergy is a diversified energy services group with interests in renewable energy and oil and gas.

  • Antonio Palanco

    Head of International Programmes, CITAndalucía

    The Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre of Andalucía is a public company, founded by the Regional Ministry of Innovation Science and Technology.

  • Antonio Pires Santos

    Industry Business Leader, Energy & Utilities Europe, IBM

    IBM is committed to encouraging innovative use of IT to reduce energy consumption through programmes such as its Smarter Cities initiative.

  • Neil Turley

    Managing Director, Net Green Developments

    Based in Portugal, the company is involved in the development of green solutions for the construction industry.

  • Harry Verhaar

    Senior Director, Energy and Climate Change, Philips

    Philips is a leader in energy efficient lighting.

  • Simon Brooks

    Vice President, European Investment Bank

    The EIB plans to lend some €10,2 billion for eco-innovation in 2010.