Founding Fathers Lectures

Why a Founding Fathers Lecture Series? Because we want to remind our participants – and Europe at large – that we are standing on the shoulders of giants. After all, it seems like only yesterday that Robert Schuman – his voice bright with vision and weary with war – called on France and Germany to join their coal and steel industries under common economic management, and brought to life a body the world would come to know as the European Union.

The Founding Fathers Lecture Series is intended to help today’s citizens understand the extraordinary social, political and economic achievements upon which Europe’s prosperity is based. Over the years, the Founding Fathers Lecture Series has established itself as a unique platform where public figures and contemporary thought leaders can map out their vision for a sound and prosperous 21st century Europe.

Today, there are five lectures in the series, each of which is given once a year.

The Robert Schuman Lecture
--On the economic and social future of Europe

The Guglielmo Marconi Lecture
--On innovation and innovative practices in society and business

The Ludwig Erhard Lecture
--On economic transformation and the modern social market economy

The Jean Jacques Rousseau Lecture
--On contemporary social challenges and modernising the European social model

The Jean Monnet Lecture
--On the opportunities for innovative government and governance