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Future of Work? Work of the Future! New Study for European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker
14/05/19 Image

The Lisbon Council hosted Michel Servoz, former director-general of DG employment and social affairs at the... Read more

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  • Ethics in Machine-Learning and Artificial-Intelligence Decision Making
    06/05/19 Image

    The ethics of artificial intelligence – and the crucial question of whether data-trained algorithms can d...... Read more

  • The Future of Work: the ‘Life Account’ Proposal
    20/03/19 Image

    Elina Lepomäki, member of the Parliament of Finland...... Read more

  • Millennial Moment: New Ideas for a New Economy
    19/03/19 Image

    Weeks before crucial European elections, an eclectic gathering of pollsters, think tankers, policymakers and m... Read more

  • Beyond GDPR: Next Steps to a Healthy, Vibrant, World-Leading Data Economy in Europe
    07/03/19 Image

    European policymakers, successful entrepreneurs and top data-economy analysts convened in Brussels for the Hig... Read more

  • ‘Co-Everything:’ Bringing State Transformation to the Next Level
    22/02/19 Image

    Senior civil servants, post-graduate students and public-sector experts convened in Brussels for the latest me... Read more

  • Competition in the Digital Age: High-Level Transatlantic Summit
    17/01/19 Image

    Together with Progressive Policy Institute (PPI), the Washington DC-based think tank, The Lisbon Council co...... Read more

  • The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: From Guiding Principles to Effective...
    08/11/18 Image

    As the debate around artificial intelligence intensifies, the Lisbon Council convened the High-Level Working B... Read more

  • ICT and Productivity: Europe’s Future Challenge
    24/10/18 Image

    The Lisbon Council convened the High-Level Roundtable and Policy Brief Launch on ICT, Productivity and Europea... Read more

    How ICT Can Restore Lagging European Productivity Growth (1.80mb)
    Robert D Atkinson Presentation (1.51mb)
    Dirk Pilat Presentation (2.58mb)
  • UN Broadband Commission: Digital Entrepreneurship
    21/09/18 Image

    In 2015, 193 United Nations members agreed 17 global goals for “transforming the world” by 2030. But how d... Read more

  • The Future of Music: How Online Streaming Will Be a Win-Win-Win for Artists,...
    05/09/18 Image

    As the debate on levying a new European tax on “snippets” heated up, the Lisbon Council convened the High-... Read more