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  • TA 3, "Pod Tlakom Krízy sa z Eurozóny Stáva Dynamickejšia Ekonomika"
    26/11/12 Image

    Under pressure from the crises, the eurozone becomes a more dynamic economy. According to The 2012 Euro Plus M... Read more

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  • CNBC, "Spurred by Crisis, Eurozone is Shaping Up: Study"
    26/11/12 Image

    CNBC reports, "The annual report, prepared by the Brussels-based Lisbon Council think tank and Berenberg bank,... Read more

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  • Financni Noviny, "Lisbon Council: Dluhová Krize Odstartovala v Eurozóně Velké...
    26/11/12 Image

    A new study by the Lisbon Council shows that major structural changes are possible - and are actually taking p... Read more

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  • On Air 24, "Lisbon Council: Ηγέτης των μεταρρυθμίσεων η...
    26/11/12 Image

    The 2012 Euro Plus Monitor, by the Lisbon Council, stresses that countries under pressure from the crisis need... Read more

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  • Agencia Financeira, "Portugal é Rápido No Ajustamento"
    26/11/12 Image

    Agencia Financeira writes, "Portugal is fifth in the ranking, published by think tank the Lisbon Council,... Read more

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  • Chicago Tribune, "Spurred by the Debt Crisis, Eurozone is Shaping Up: Study"
    26/11/12 Image

    The Chicago Tribune, points out that all countries are in need of fiscal adjustment. Quoting The 2012 Euro Plu... Read more

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  • Quartz, "Could Europe’s Most Troubled Countries End Up Better Off than the US and...
    26/11/12 Image

    Quartz writes, "As European leaders bicker over how to help Greece get back on its feet, one report says Greec... Read more

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  • RTE, "New Study Suggests that Eurozone is More Balanced and More Dynamic"
    26/11/12 Image

    The 2012 Euro Plus Monitor, a new study by the Lisbon Council and Berenberg Bank, suggests that under pressure... Read more

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  • Reuters Deutschland, "Forscher - Arbeitskosten Steigen Stärker als im Euroraum"
    26/11/12 Image

    Most debtor countries went to their deficit problems and improved their competitiveness at an impressive pace,... Read more

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  • CNBC, "Eurozone Is ‘Shaping Up Quite Well,’ Says Think Tank"
    26/11/12 Image

    CNBC writes, "The eurozone may be in recession but the region’s efforts to repair budgets, cut labour costs ... Read more

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