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  • Bloomberg Business, “Russia Bailout Talk Absent as Pariah Putin No Latter-Day...
    17/12/14 Image

    Alessandro Leipold, chief economist of the Lisbon Council, and former head of the European department at the E... Read more

    Bloomberg Business 171214 (161.49kb)
  •, "New e-book offers crowd-sourced patchwork of opinions on how to address...
    14/11/14 Image writes a review of Digital Minds for a New Europe, a cutting-edge collection of 44 essays by the ... Read more 131114 (103.90kb)
  • The Wall Street Journal, "Greek Default Deals Blow to IMF"
    03/11/14 Image

    Alessandro Leipold, chief economist of the Lisbon Council, was quoted in The Wall Street Journal regarding the... Read more

    The Wall Street Journal 010715 (266.52kb)
  • The Wall Street Journal, “What Does IMF’s Appointment of Crisis Veteran Say About...
    03/11/14 Image

    Alessandro Leipold, chief economist of the Lisbon Council and former acting head of the Europe department at t... Read more

    Wall Street Journal 031114 (134.80kb)
  • The Economist, Charlemagne: "Gummed Up"
    27/10/14 Image

    The Economist writes, "Another idea, proposed by the Lisbon Council, a think-tank, is for the new European Com... Read more

    The Economist 251014 (226.93kb)
  • Bloomberg Business, “Euro-Area Debt Swells as Governments Strive to End Crisis”
    21/10/14 Image

    “The upbeat narrative of just a short while ago -– of a budding recovery spurred by past reforms and an ea... Read more

    Bloomberg BussinessWeek 211014 (1.19mb)
  •, " Priorities for the Next Commission – A More Competitive...
    16/06/14 Image writes: "As an observer, I enjoyed the clarity and consistency of Ms Day’s comments... Read more

    European Public Affairs 130614 (117.07kb)
  • EurActiv, "Innovation Gap Divides Member States, Warns Commission Secretary-General"
    11/06/14 Image

    In this article, EurActiv reports on the findings of the Europe 2020 Competitiveness Report: Building a M... Read more

    EurActiv 100614 (99.83kb)
  • EurActiv, "Entrepreneurs Picking Silicon Valley over EU, Says Barroso"
    28/05/14 Image

    The Lisbon Council convened The Europe 2020 Summit and the Brussels launch of the European Digital Forum (EDF)... Read more

    EurActiv 220514 (102.59kb)
  • Bloomberg, "Smarter Technology Use Urged to Boost Growth in Europe"
    23/05/14 Image

    Bloomberg covers Productivity and Digitalisation in Europe: Paving the Road to Faster Growth, the new pol... Read more

    Bloomberg 220514 (82.05kb)