Digital Europe: Next Steps - A European Agenda for the Digital-9+


In a new discussion paper, President and Co-founder Paul Hofheinz and Deputy Director and Senior Fellow Luukas K. Ilves take a look at the coming challenge – and strategic advantage – for a renewed European digital agenda under the incoming European Commission. The discussion paper looks at three key tests Europe faces: 1) An incomplete single market; 2) an incomplete digital society, and 3) the absence of global digital champions coming from within Europe and proposes an Eight-Point Action Plan for the European institutions and the incoming European Commission. Among the key recommendations are “complete the single market,” upgrade the digital AND the single-market dossiers in a commission restructuring, use co-creation and “design thinking” in policymaking and commit to an “Every European Digital” programme to end Europe’s digital divide.

The paper was launched in Tallinn, Estonia at the Digital-9+ Ministerial (Informal) Meeting, chaired by the Government of Estonia. The Digital-9 is a group of European “frontrunners” in the digital area, and includes Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Czech Republic and Poland have observer status.

The discussion paper is part of the DSM 2.0: Digital Futures Forum, a Lisbon Council-led initiative that brings together a vibrant community of experts, citizens, regulators and digital aficionados to develop new ideas and imaginative approaches to European policymaking on the eve of the coming European elections and the selection of a new European Commission.


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