Vittoria Barbieri

Senior Communication Manager

Financial Times,”Greeks Share Frustration at Delaying Tactics”

In a letter published in the Financial Times, responding to the recent article by Francesco Giavazzi, in “Greeks chose poverty — let them have their way”, Harry Theoharis, member of the Greek Parliament and parliamentary spokesman of To Potami, argues that Greece has undergone unprecedented fiscal consolidation and presents results from The Euro Plus Monitor to support his argument. The Euro Plus Monitor is the authoritative competitiveness ranking jointly published each year by Berenberg Bank and the Lisbon Council. Greece ranked first in the 2012, 2013 and 2014 structural adjustment progress indicator, which measures the speed with which countries are adjusting to the challenges posed by the financial and economic crisis.


Politico,”European Union or Mean Girl?”

Politico reports on the speech by Catherine A. Novelli, senior co-ordinator for international information technology diplomacy and under secretary of state for economic growth, energy, and the environment of the United States (Department of State). Ms Novelli spoke at the High-Level Roundtable on Transatlantic Views on the Digital Economy and the Future of Internet Governance, convened by the Lisbon Council.


Corriere delle Comunicazioni,”Digital Single Market, Ansip: ‘Fine Roaming, Orauna Data Certa'”

Corriere delle Comunicazioni, reports on The 2015 Guglielmo Marconi Lecture, given by Andrus Ansip, vice-president for the digital single market at the European Commission at The 2015 European Digital Forum.


El Pais, “Los Precios Crecen en la Eurozona por Primera vez en seis Meses”

Alessandro Leipold, chief economist of the Lisbon Council, comments on the slight pickup in eurozone inflation recorded in May on El Pais.


The Economist, “Disconnected Continent”

Paul Hofheinz, president and executive director of the Lisbon Council, was quoted in The Economist on how the newly released Digital Single Market Strategy by the European Commission can help European startups scale up: “Moreover, says Paul Hofheinz of the Lisbon Council, a think-tank in Brussels, it is unclear how much the strategy will help those firms that are supposed to create most of the new digital jobs: startups.”


SciencevBusiness,”Researchers to Take on Publishers Over New EU Copyright Laws”

Science Business publishes an article on “Researchers to Take on Publishers Over New EU Copyright Laws” and quotes from Mapping Text and Data Mining in Academic and Research Communities in Europe, a Lisbon Council policy brief written by Associate Director Sergey Filippov.


TheGuardian, “Where Next for Scientific Advice in Europe?”

James Wilsdon, professor of science and democracy in the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at the University of Sussex, Rob Doubleday, executive director of the Centre for Science and Policy (CSaP) at the University of Cambridge, and James Hynard, researcher at the Centre for Science and Policy, publish an article on The Guardian’s Science blog network on Where Next for Scientific Advice in Europe?. The article draws on the conclusions reached at the High-Level Summit on Future Directions for Scientific Advice in Europe, convened by the Lisbon Council and the European Commission in Brussels.