Alice Iordache

Research Associate and Senior Community Manager

ERT, ‘Lisbon Council: Greece Ranks Among the Top EU Countries in Reform Progress’

ERT, the Greek national TV broadcaster, reports on the country’s performance in The Euro Plus Monitor September 2017 Update. The study, published by the Lisbon Council and Berenberg, ranks Greece first in the adjustment progress indicator.


Huffington Post, ‘Establishing the Free Movement of Data’

Huffington Post publishes an analysis on A New Framework for Free Movement of Data in the Digital Age: Making Europe a Data Economy, a policy brief by Paul Hofheinz, president and David Osimo, director of research at the Lisbon Council. The article concludes, “the paper provides a nice contribution to what is a growing volume of works published around data and its applications.”


European Commission, ‘Startup Hubs Converging Towards a Truly Unified European Startup Ecosystem’

In this guest post in Günther Oettinger’s blog, Karen Boers, co-founder and CEO of and European Startup Network, argues that power movements are key for startups to be heard.


European Commission, ‘Scale-Ups Are the New Corporates’

In a blog post on the new Start-Ups and Scale-Ups Initiative by the European Commission, Günther Oettinger, European commissioner for digital economy and society, writes: “Based on input from the startup community, and not least from the Scale Up manifesto, the Commission today presents a ‘Startup and scale up initiative’…I recommend you read the manifesto for inspiration, comment on it and spread its messages to governments, the private sector, academia or startup founders.”


Bloomberg, ‘European Central Bank Said to Redouble Economic Reform Push With Task Force’

Bloomberg quotes research results from The Euro Plus Monitor Spring 2016 Update, the latest instalment of the bi-annual competitiveness ranking of 18 eurozone countries published by the Lisbon Council and Berenberg. It writes, “An aggregate indicator of the “reform drive” of the region fell to 3.3 in 2015 from 4.3 the previous year, according to a study by the Lisbon Council, a think tank, and Berenberg bank.”


Forbes, ‘Neelie Kroes on Women, Startups and the Digital Agenda’

In an article dedicated to Neelie Kroes, special envoy for startups at StartUpDelta and former European Commission vice-president for the digital agenda, Forbes quotes research results from The 2016 Startup Nation Scoreboard and the European Digital Cities Index, two flagship research projects by the European Digital Forum. It writes, “Since January 2015, under Kroes’s leadership and vast network, along with the efforts of Director Sigrid Johannisse and her team, StartUpDelta’s first phase catapulted the Netherlands onto center stage, going from nowhere (literally) to no. 4 in the EU according to Compass (2015), no. 1 on the Startup Nations Scoreboard, no. 1 and no. 2 for both startups and scale-ups on the Digital Cities Index, and becoming the fifth fastest-growing ecosystem in the world.”


EU Observer, ‘How Europe Can Harness its Digital Economy’

Paul Hofheinz, president and co-founder of the Lisbon Council, publishes an article on How Europe can harness its digital economy, on the EU Observer. Drawing on the results of a recent Boston Consulting Group study, he writes: “A fully functioning digital single market could in the frontrunner countries result in a GDP growth rate almost twice that of today, placing them among the fastest growing economies in the world.”