April 2016

App Economy Revolution: All Day, Everywhere

The Lisbon Council convened the High-Level Roundtable on ‘All Day, Everywhere’ How Mobile Computing and Service-Driven Apps Will Drive Growth and Spur Innovation. An eclectic group of app developers, policymakers and social scientists met to discuss the emerging role of apps in the European economy – and the policy framework it will take to thrive. Brian Williamson, partner at Communications Chambers, presented the key findings of A Policy Toolkit for the App Economy – Where Online Meets Offline, a new Plum Consulting study launched at the High-Level Roundtable. Thomas Hauk, head of business development at Mimi Hearing Technologies; Kaja Kallas, MEP and member of the industry, research and energy committee at the European Parliament; Robert Madelin, senior adviser for innovation at the European Commission; Christopher Moser, director of iTunes Europe at Apple; and Eva Paunova, MEP and member of the internal market and consumer protection committee at the European Parliament, discussed the key challenges for policymakers in dealing with the spread of mobile computing and its effects on society at large.