Europe’s Single Market and Public Procurement

Convening under the timely theme Unleashing Europe’s Single Market: How Public Procurement Can Deepen Integration, Drive Innovation and Bolster Efficiency, this high-level roundtable brought together senior leaders from across Europe with responsibility for public procurement. Jonathan Faull, director-general of DG Internal Market and Services at the European Commission, kicked off the discussion with an overview of the Single Market Act. His remarks were complemented by Malcolm Harbour, chair of the committee on the internal market and consumer protection at the European Parliament. In an interactive working group, participants compared and shared best practices on public procurement in, inter alia, Belgium, Finland, France, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom. Special presentations were delivered by Gian Luigi Albano, head for research and development at the Italian Public Procurement Agency (CONSIP); Jacques Barrailler, head of the French State Procurement Agency; Sally Collier, executive director of the efficiency reform group at the UK Cabinet Office and Pedro Llorente Cachorro, director-general for economic and sales management of health and pharmaceutical products at the department of health from City of Madrid.