June 2022

Green, Digital and Competitive

The Lisbon Council launches Green, Digital and Competitive: An SME Agenda for the 21st Century, a new policy brief that investigates how Europe’s 22 million SMEs are faring in the “twin transition,” the European Commission-led effort to go green and go digital. Sourced directly from Eurostat data and data from other official sources, the Index ranks all 27 European Union countries based on nine indicators divided into three pillars: Digital Transition, Green Transition and SME Competitiveness. The policy brief argues that Europe will need to succeed on all three pillars – both at a member state level and at a European level – if it is to lead a global revolution on green technology. Overall, Sweden is No. 1, followed by The Netherlands (No. 2), Denmark (No. 3) and Finland (No. 4).

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