‘To Persist in Error Is Diabolical:’ How Intergovernmentalism Could Torpedo the Next Generation European Union Plan

Economic Intelligence

Memo to the 17-18 July European Council

On the eve of the first “in-person” European Council since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Alessandro Leipold, chief economist of the Lisbon Council, calls on European leaders to get the governance mechanism right for the Next Generation European Union recovery plan.

European Stability Mechanism Missing in Action

Hit by the COVID-19 outbreak, the European economy is faced with an unprecedented economic and financial crisis. The response by the European Central Bank has been significant, and other European institutions are pitching in as well.

‘Whatever it Takes:’ Why Urgent Fiscal Action is Key to Eurozone Success

In light of the recent COVID-19 outbreak and its impact on economic growth, Europe is faced with a clear and present danger of economic slowdown. But is it only COVID-19 that threatens the European economy?

Public-Data Opportunity: Why Governments Should Share More

As Europe grapples with citizens’ demands for better, more targeted public services, the Lisbon Council launches The Public-Data Opportunity: Why Governments Should Share More, a discussion paper that looks at the state of play for public-sector data sharing – and calls for better protocols and procedures to deliver more data-driven public services to all Europeans.