October 2019

The Future of Work Summit

Leading experts, top policymakers, researchers and digital aficionados joined a high-level roundtable on The Future of Work: How Better Family Policy and Access to Lifetime Learning Will Drive Europe’s Development, hosted by the Future of Work Laboratory, a Lisbon Council centre of excellence.

To kick off the discussion, Paul Hofheinz, president and co-founder of the Lisbon Council, introduced The 2019 Future of Work Index: How the World of Work is Changing and How Policy Needs to Change Along with It, a new Lisbon Council policy brief that deeply examines how the workplace is changing and the way social policy needs to evolve along with it. The policy brief includes the Future of Work Policy Bank at http://policybank.eu/, which tracks reform efforts in EU member states in the domains of social protection, accessible labour markets and entrepreneurship.

Later, Prof Sir Peter Gluckman, former chief science adviser to the prime minister of New Zealand, and Andreas Schleicher, director for education and skills and special adviser to the secretary-general on education at the OECD, led a high-powered discussion on education in the early years – and after the end of formal education. The 2019 Future of Work Index will set the stage for a series of workshops planned for 2020 at the Lisbon Council.

The 2019 Future of Work Index