October 2022

Education at a Glance

The Lisbon Council convened the Global Launch of Education at a Glance 2022, the OECD’s flagship publication on the structure, finances and performance of education systems across OECD and partner countries. Tia Loukkola, head of innovation and measuring progress division at the OECD, took a high-level group of leading education experts on a wide-ranging tour of the report’s latest results, which break down educational accomplishments and challenges across the OECD partner countries and a host of other nations. Susanne Conze, head of unit, country analysis in the directorate-general for education, youth, sport and culture at the European Commission weighed in with a European perspective, including plans and priorities for the European Commission in the field of education.

The 2022 iteration of this flagship report focused heavily on tertiary education and the impact of COVID-19 on school systems across the world. It is a fascinating deep dive on the quality of learning outcomes in OECD countries, the policy levers and contextual factors that shape these outcomes and the broader private and social returns that accrue to investments in education. Ms Loukkola and Ms Conze unpacked many of the challenges faced in education systems and gave insights into what needs to happen for Europe’s education systems to flourish in the face of crises.

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