March 2018

A Six-Point Programme for Digital Government: How Local Government Reform is Key to Europe’s Digital Success

The Lisbon Council launches How Local Government Reform is Key to Europe’s Digital Success: A Six-Point Programme for eGovernment Renewal, a six-step programme for improving public-service delivery throughout Europe. Building on the success of the recent Tallinn Declaration – signed by 32 European Union and European Free Trade Association member states – Director of Research David Osimo takes a fresh look at the key challenge of digital government in an age of proliferating action plans and heightened political commitment. Why is Europe – with no less than three flagship programmes for improving the quality of online public services and strengthening citizen-state relations – still a place of uneven progress? What have previous programmes missed that could help make future programmes a success? The interactive policy brief was launched in the margins of the opening plenary of Milano Digital Week, Italy’s flagship festival for “innovation, design, and transformation through digital.”