April 2014

The Lisbon Council and Progressive Policy Institute (PPI), a leading Washington, DC-based think tank, jointly launch Bridging the Data Gap: How Digital Innovation Can Drive Growth and Create Jobs. The interactive policy brief is written by Paul Hofheinz, president of the Lisbon Council, and Michael Mandel, chief economic strategist of PPI and recognised thought leader in the economics of the digital revolution. The paper describes the immense benefits that arise as a result of greater use of data analytics in healthcare, CO2 emissions, social inclusion, job creation and growth generation – and finds a vast “data gap” between Europe and the United States, with American consumers and businesses consuming on average 60% more data each month per capita than Europeans. The policy brief was launched at the Transatlantic Summit on Driving Innovation and Trade in Data, hosted by the Lisbon Council and PPI in the Résidence Palace, Brussels.