November 2012

The 2012 Euro Plus Monitor: The Rocky Road to Balanced Growth

The 2012 Euro Plus Monitor, the authoritative competitiveness ranking jointly published each year by Berenberg Bank and the Lisbon Council, ranks the 17 eurozone countries on a range of key macro-economic indicators. It provides a comprehensive view of progress – and retreat – throughout the European currency zone. Specifically, this innovative ranking is based on two key indicators: 1) the Fundamental Health Indicator, which looks at individual countries’ overall economic health, and 2) the Adjustment Progress Indicator, which measures the speed with which countries are adjusting to the challenges posed by the financial and economic crisis. This year, The 2012 Euro Plus Monitor expands to include three major non-eurozone economies – Poland, Sweden and the United Kingdom – and assesses these countries’ performance on key criteria vis-à-vis their eurozone counterparts.