June 2011

Innovation Union: Smart Solutions to Grand Challenges

The Lisbon Council convened its June 2011 Zukunftssalon: Forum for the Future under the timely theme of Innovation Union: Smart Solutions to Europe’s Grand Challenges. The dinner debate concentrated on how to turn the current crisis into an opportunity for fostering innovation throughout society, focusing in particular on how to provide practical and smart solutions to Europeʼs grand challenges, such as ageing, climate change and mobility. Special guests included Judith Merkies, member of the European Parliament and rapporteur on Innovation Union; Harry van Dorenmalen, chairman of IBM Europe; Henk de Jong, secretary-general of the City of Amsterdam; Matthias Ruete, director-general of DG mobility and transport at the European Commission; Marion Dewar, member of the cabinet of Research and Innovation Commissioner Geoghegan-Quinn; and Kurt Vandenberghe, head of the cabinet of Environment Commissioner Janez Potočnik.