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For most people, work is not just the foundation of the economy but also the source of their personal wellbeing and prosperity. However, the way we perform work – the principles around which it is organised as well as the regulations upon which it rests – are changing fast. Today, digital technology and other innovations are altering the fundamental nature of jobs, including the typical career path as well as the types of training that are needed and appropriate. Where is all of this heading? And is our social framework still able to deliver the important protection – including opportunity and economic security – to people in need? Against this backdrop, the Lisbon Council launches the Future of Work Laboratory, a cutting-edge research centre and multi-stakeholder platform. In 2019, the project released The 2019 Future of Work Index, a policy brief that examines how the workplace is changing and the way social policy needs to evolve along with it. To accompany the policy brief, the centre also launched an online Policy Bank, where best practice is collected for study and sharing. For more information, visit http://policybank.eu/

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The Future of Work? New Study from Michel Servoz

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