June 2020

Measuring the EU Data Economy: New Evidence and Groundbreaking Analysis

Together with the European Commission, the Lisbon Council and International Data Corporation – the world’s leading provider of advanced data economy market data – have embarked on a three-year project to define better metrics for assessing the European data economy. The goal is to measure the size and potential of the market – and to assess Europe’s relative position within it. The effort has included the elaboration of key metrics in crucial fields – such as the monetary value of the data market, the number of qualified data professionals, the number of companies using advanced data and the overall impact of the data economies on European Union gross domestic product.

The project included eight deep dives on data-driven innovation such as data-driven healthcare, artificial intelligence, utilities, data monetisation and data commons. High-Level speakers also joined high-level webinars where results were discussed, including Peter Bjorn Larsen, director of Copenhagen City Data Exchange; Nuria Oliver, chief scientific advisor at the Vodafone Institute; Tjerk Timan, strategy and policy researcher at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO); Stefaan Verhulst, co-founder of TheGovLab and Sonja Zillner, senior expert at Siemens. The results are presented in The European Data Market Monitoring Tool: Final Study Report.

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