For more than a decade, the Lisbon Council has served as a crucial, pan-European “go-to” place for cutting-edge thinking, advanced research, visionary roadmaps, effective communication and concrete policy development and delivery. Alongside a steady stream of paradigm-shifting policy briefs and conference appearances, the Lisbon Council has had the rare privilege of serving as senior advisers to leading European governments and institutions, including, inter alia, the European Commission, the Estonia Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Finland Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the City of Milan and many others. There, through careful on-the-ground research and probing studies, the association has developed proven leadership – assisting in the drafting of pan-European inter-governmental communiques, benchmarking international best practice and evaluating national strategies with an eye towards improving and strengthening them.

COVID-19 presents a new and unforeseen challenge. As Director of Research David Osimo has argued, digital services are no longer a nice-to-have luxury; they are now an essential government service upon which the lives and wellbeing of many depend.

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