The Lisbon Council is committed to exploring the data economy in more detail, using our unique multi-stakeholder platform to understand the key challenge of making the data-economy work in a democratic context – and using the knowledge derived from advanced analytics to drive social gains. Key to this are two closely related goals: we must learn to develop better frameworks for sharing data so the most advanced insights can be discovered. And we must ensure that the gains that come from those discoveries are distributed equitably and throughout society, available to all.


To date, much of this work has centred on collaborative partnerships and an advanced research agenda. The challenge of articulating and defining new models has been enhanced immeasurably by a host of high-level webinars and roundtables, where stakeholders have shared their new ideas and exchanged best practice. The Lisbon Council is convinced of one thing: a data-driven world is a more intelligent society where citizens needs are better met and the “great social challenges” are closer to being solved. As an urgent matter, Europe needs progressive frameworks for sharing data, harnessing the power of data analytics for social good and sharing the gains broadly throughout society.