March 2022

Artificial Intelligence

As European regulators prepare to finalise the world’s first comprehensive artificial-intelligence laws, the Lisbon Council convened the High-Level Roundtable on Artificial Intelligence: Regulating Innovation and Innovating Regulation, a gathering of top regulators, leading industry practitioners, think tankers and digital aficionados. Axel Voss, member of the European Parliament (Germany, European People’s Party) and a leading rapporteur on the Artificial Intelligence Act, kicked off the debate with a special presentation on Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Age, the visionary report he wrote on behalf of the European Parliament. William A. Carter, global lead for responsible AI, AI governance and regulation at Google; Alexandra Ebert, chief trust officer at MOSTLY AI (an Austrian startup); and Andrew W. Wyckoff, director of science, technology and innovation at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), weighed in with fascinating presentations on the challenge of AI – and the novel solutions taking shape to fix known problems and prevent new ones from emerging.

The Lisbon Council will remain active on AI as this new technology takes shape in many areas of science, society and economic life – and as regulatory efforts deepen. Solutions will only come through dialogue, openness, analysis and an innovative approach to policymaking.

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