October 2023

Artificial Intelligence: What’s Next?

One the eve of the fourth trilogue of negotiation of the AI Act, the Lisbon Council convened the Interactive Dialogue on AI: What’s Next? Benedict Evans, author of “Benedict’s Newsletter” and venture capitalist, delivered a fascinating presentation to understand the explosive rise of generative AI in the general evolution of digital technologies. Gilles Babinet, co-president of the Conseil National du Numérique (CNNum) in France chimed in relating to his experience and expertise in the French government.

As the discussion with an exceptional audience of decision-makers from European Union institutions, member states, companies, non-governmental organisations and business associations made it clear, we are still in the early stages of generative AI. One year from now, our understanding of AI could be just as different from today’s understanding, as today’s understanding is different from one year ago, before ChatGPT appeared. Any regulation should be designed not only to address what makes the headlines today, but what will shape the future in the years to come. And as Benedict Evans recently wrote, “we’re all still working out what the questions are.”

Watch the Interactive Dialogue in Full Length